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Water Heater Installation

Plumbing Installations and Service

Prompt and Affordable

Unlike other handymen companies, I can perform all plumbing services too. 

Got a running toilet?  Let me rebuild your tank components or install a new one altogether.

Is it time for a new water heater?  Is it leaking or just not as hot as it used to be?  I can repair or replace that water heater at the areas lowest price and just like all my work will be backed by my one-year workmanship warranty.  All types installed, conventional or tank-less. 

Ready to replace your kitchen or bathroom faucets?  Maybe they're leaking or just dated.  Either way I can replace them at the lowest rates available.  

Not ready for the expense of replacing those leaking faucets and other plumbing fixtures?  I can troubleshoot and fix them too, no problem.

What about a water stain on the ceiling or damp spot on the carpet?  I can investigate the cause of these and fix them also.  A lot of other repairmen can do this too, but they'll cut holes in your drywall and leave you to hire a separate drywall contractor to handle those repairs.  Professional Handyman will cut the drywall, find the leak and stop it, Guaranteed.  Then patch the drywall back all in the same day.  Other handymen can't compare.

Got a spigot that won't completely shut off?  Those are the worst.  Let me replace it with a frost-free hose bib model and you'll never have to worry about it again.

Is your tub spout loose?  Ugh!!  My biggest plumbing pet peeve.  I can secure it, so they'll be no more wiggles.  I can replace the spout, the shower valve and shower head too.

Professional Handyman can do it all, when other handyman companies won't.

Always delivering on my motto of "professional, punctual and affordable" handyman service.

The most comprehensive handyman provider in Charlotte and Gastonia.  


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