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Installation and assembly

Installations and Assemblies

Professional Installation and Assembly Services

I love handyman work.  I also love a good puzzle.  Assemblies too.  They're like 3-D puzzles.  The process of counting, sorting, reading instructions, and assembling perfectly suit my methodical nature.

Just got a new home gym or IKEA bookshelf?  I love it, let me do it.


Assemblies can sometimes be a less than DIY friendly chore.  An incorrectly assembled piece can be a nuisance at best, potential hazard at worst.

Let Professional Handyman worry about those frustrating assemblies.

From patio furniture to indoor furniture, all exercise equipment, storage sheds, trampolines and outdoor play sets too.  Anything shipped in pieces is no problem for me.

How about wire shelving, medicine cabinets or a built-in ironing board?  Professional Handyman can install anything.  If the manufacturer designed it to be installed somewhere, thy will be done.

Maybe you'd like to declutter the garage and install an overhead storage rack system.  These are especially troublesome.  Locating ceiling joists can be surprisingly difficult and working overhead physically challenging.  Let me show you how I handyman.

Tired of getting on your knees to access your lower kitchen cabinets? There are hundreds of cabinet organizing solutions, everything from storage racks to sliding shelves.  They're affordable to buy and install quickly.  They will take your dysfunctional kitchen and make it a model of efficiency.

A clean simple look your thing?  Maybe a couple floating shelves in the bathroom would complete your craftsman style design.  These are a common installation call I get.  Making them level and secure is more difficult that the instructions would lead you to believe.  Let me help you.  

Laundry room storage on the light side?  An affordable overhead or broom cabinet could be just the trick.  I can safely and securely install any type of cabinet.  Click here for information about bathroom cabinet installations and cheap bathroom remodeling.

Professional Handyman can easily handle all your installation and assembly needs.

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