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Home inspection report punch list

Home Inspection Reports

A handyman company to do everything on your home inspection punch list.

At Professional Handyman, we love home inspection report punch lists.

No list is more diversified.  It usually has just about every trade and discipline represented.  They give us an opportunity to really showcase our breadth of knowledge and skill as handymen.

But unlike other handymen companies, as a licensed General contractor, Professional Handyman can do all the work from the list and provide the needed evaluation to the home inspection report itself.  

Most home inspection reports include several areas of areas that state "have evaluated further by a licensed contractor".  

Professional Handyman can evaluate these areas, provide estimates for their repair, and perform the repairs too.

Let us be your one stop for all things home inspection report.  We can do all the handyman work, provide the evaluation and estimate for the larger items and if necessary, hire any specific tradesman, to complete all the work per the report.

Due diligence up in a few days?  Tight closing schedule?  What if you just need an evaluation and repair estimate for the negotiations between the seller and the buyer?  No problem. 

Professional Handyman can help with all that. 

We've helped close many deals that were about to fall through because of misunderstood items from an inspection report.  I can often do these evaluations from just the report itself and a site evaluation may not be necessary.  This would obviously depend on the report and the items in question.  But being able to do this solely from the report, means a quick turnaround.  In many cases, have them completed same day.

These reports can often spook potential buyers and read as "doom and gloom" to the layperson.  Let us shed some light on it and provide some rational context at a time of great stress for the buyer, seller and agents involved.  

Professional Handyman is no ordinary handyman service, we really can do it all.

Professional, Punctual and affordable.

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