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How I Handyman



-All work is priced by the task; I don't charge hourly. 


-The price will be set and agreed upon prior to starting, there will be no additional charges, guaranteed

-I do just about everything, but painting and roofing, and because I'm just one guy, I don't do larger projects.

-For a guaranteed same day quote click here.

Professional Handyman's "5 Point Pledge" to:

1.  Keep our scheduled appointment

2.  Communicate clearly 

3.  Show up on time

4.  Provide competitive pricing

5.  Deliver the highest quality work















I typically quote over text or email, text being my preference, and the best way to get a faster response.  For a guaranteed same day quote click here. 


I've been doing estimates over text for several years now and have had very positive results with this method.  Working this way helps me to keep costs down.  If I have to make a trip to quote, then a second trip to do the work, this will obviously take up substantially more time and increase my costs.  I know that part of the appeal of a handyman is the lowered cost associated with hiring them.  I'm aware of this and do everything I can to keep cost as low as possible.

I usually schedule about a week out but do allow some flexibility in my schedule for emergencies and more time sensitive tasks.

I accept cash, most payment apps, Apple pay, PayPal, and credit/debit cards.  Surcharges do apply to most of these payment methods and are based on my direct costs.  They vary from 3-5%.

A $125 minimum typically does apply inside the areas of Mt. Holly, Belmont, Charlotte zip codes 28214 and portions of 28216.

*I regularly do handyman work outside this area, but the minimum charge may be more and/or vary based on my schedule and service address.

I will sometimes waive this minimum, if you can satisfy two prerequisites. 


1.  The proposed job is near another job I have in the area.  This is especially the case where neighbors get together and pool their lists.  Whereas one person may not have enough of a list to justify my minimum, when combined with your neighbors list, the two combined do reach that feasibility threshold.

2.  You are flexible with your schedule and willing to wait until I'm nearby on another handyman job.  I'll usually know this, several days in advance and will let you know when this is possible.


Call or Text for more detail.

I look forward to solving all your handyman needs.

Proudly Serving:


-Mt. Holly, Belmont, Huntersville, Denver, Cramerton, Mcadenville, Lowell, Gastonia, and Stanley, 

-Charlotte zip codes:

28214, 28216, 28269, 28262, 28202, 28203, 28204, 28209, 28207, 28205, 28210, 28211, 28273, 28278,  28208

-don't see your city or zip?  I regularly make exceptions to this area.  Call me.

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