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Repair and Maintenance

General Home Repair and Maintenance

Every house needs proper maintenance, even newly built ones.  Having a good relationship with a knowledgeable handyman is a valued asset in your constant battle against time.

It, and regular exposure to the elements, are always attacking your house.  Identifying and addressing problem areas before they become larger problems is the main function of proper maintenance and repairs.

Professional Handyman can handle all your home repair and maintenance issues.

Keeping water out of the building envelope and contained in the plumbing wet areas inside the house being the primary focus.

Siding, flashing and caulking help to keep it out of the house.  These things, especially caulking, require regular upkeep.  Being keenly aware of any changes inside the house are important factors to spotting problems too.  Things like stained drywall or trim around windows and doors, areas of damp carpet and/or warped flooring.  Any of these things should raise alarms for the homeowner and qualified handyman alike.

Leaking kitchen and bath faucets are a common source of interior water damage that require immediate attention.  I've replaced many cabinet bottoms from such leaks.  A time consuming and costly repair that could have been avoided.  It usually takes months for these leaks to cause significant damage.  So, the window for spotting and correcting them is still fairly large.  But don't let these simple fixes turn into larger repair hassles.

Tubs and showers are another interior source of water damage.  Whether it's the drain or the caulking around these plumbing fixtures.  Regular inspection and remediation are vitally important to the health of longevity of your home.

Glass enclosures around showers and especially the doors on the units are very common sources of water damage too.  Be on the lookout for stained baseboards around them and schedule an assessment if you notice changes in the color or condition of any adjacent trim moldings.

Keep an ongoing list of your maintenance and repair concerns and let Professional Handyman assess and fix them all.

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