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Exterior Door Installation

Door and Window Replacement

High End Window and Door Replacement Solutions with Handyman Prices

Have you just recently gotten a quote for a door or total window replacement from a contractor and shocked by the price?

Professional Handyman can install all types of windows and doors at much more competitive prices than the specialty window and door replacement companies.

Some handymen struggle with these replacements and don't fully understand proper exterior flashing techniques.   Not Professional Handyman though.  An improperly installed exterior door or window can cause serious water damage to your home.  Don't hire an unqualified handyman.  

We can also install all types of interior doors too.  Standard interior doors, barn doors, pocket doors, by-pass, bifold doors, French doors and sliders too.

Professional Handyman can even add doors to an exterior or interior wall.  We can assess the load bearing implications of "cutting in" any proposed new window or door with ease.  Even keep you informed along the way, explaining everything we do, as we do it.  So, you'll fully understand the process and hopefully have a better understanding of your home.

Got a door that just won't close right?  It rubs the frame, or the knob or deadbolt won't engage properly.  So frustrating.  We can adjust them, no problem.  As a handyman, this kills me.  I almost always adjust at least one door while on every job.  Even when it's not part of the work order.  If I have to walk through a door enough times, and it doesn't close properly, I HAVE to adjust it.

Just need the hardware replaced?  New keypad deadbolt piqued your interest?  Professional Handyman can do that too.  We can replace all your interior door hardware if you'd like.

How about a window that won't open or won't stay open, keeps falling back down.  These are both common window problems and as a handyman are easy fixes.

Don't pay those outrageous window and door replacement costs.  Let Professional Handyman show you how satisfying a proper functioning window or door can be.

We're best value in window and door replacement in the area.

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