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Offering all carpentry services

Exterior Wood Construction

A good handyman's skill set is built upon woodworking.  

Professional Handyman is no different.  I do all types of exterior wood construction.  I cut my teeth building decks, and still build and repair them.  Whether it's a complete rebuild or just replacing the deck boards.  It's no problem for me.

Maybe you just need a new handrail built or repaired?  Thats no problem either.  I can build all types of handrail and guardrails.  I can do the typical economical types or get more creative and build a custom design fitting your specific aesthetic needs.  

I can also build and install all types of siding.  Wood or otherwise.  Whether water damaged or just worn out due to age.  Replacing a portion of siding, fascia, corner and/or window/door trim is all part of our repertoire.

The same applies to fences too.  If you need a portion of your wood fence replaced or repaired.  Professional Handyman can do that too.

How about a landscape or garden planter?  Sure.  Half a dozen bird or bat houses?  Let's do it.  I offer all handyman services, especially carpentry.  

Let Professional Handyman help with your exterior wood projects.

Image by Janosch Lino


If carpentry is the general education of a good handyman.  Then interior trim installations, with their tighter tolerances are the master's degree.

I offer all types of interior trim installs.  Everything from multi piece crown molding installations to base molding.  I also regularly install interior doors and casing installations for both windows and doors.

Unlike other less skilled handymen, I've also built and installed several custom cabinets and built-ins.  I typically include low voltage lighting with these custom creations too.  Something to accent the items displayed within, and give an more pleasing ambience to the piece as a whole.

I also install shiplap to walls, and any other interior wood products.  

Click the same day quote button at the top of the page to begin the discussion and let Professional Handyman show you how easy it can be to complete these projects.

Image by Ryno Marais
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