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Electrical and lighting installations

Professional Handyman provides Charlotte and Belmont's cheapest lighting installations available.  

Don't pay an electrician an outrageous amount to install your ceiling fans and other lighting.  With Ceiling fan installations as low as $99 and standard ceiling flush mount light replacements starting as a low as $49, no other electrical provider can beat us on price.

We can install all types of lighting.  Got a large chandilier in a two story foyer?  We can install that too.  Exterior wall sconces, coach lighting and flood lights also.  From the standard flush mount to the extravagant and custom.  New recessed lighting and vanity lights are a breeze.  Pendant lighting installations are a common call we also get.  

Just recently moved into a new home and the builder wants a mint to install ceiling fans or other optional lighting?  No problem.  We can install whatever lighting your builder wanted to upcharge you for at a fraction of their proposed cost. 

Our lighting installation skills don't end there though.  We can also do all low voltage installations too.  Ring doorbells, wifi enabled cameras, coax, RG6, RG5, ethernet, CAT3, CAT5, CAT6 are all also available.  Want to install a flat a screen and add a receptacle behind it? No problem.  We can also fish wires through walls to hide all those TV wires too; HDMI, ethernet, and AV cords.

Need to add outlets in your garage or other room in your house?  Not an issue. An electrician will cut your drywall to pull those wires but not patch it back.  We'll cut the drywall AND patch it back.  We'll do the electrical outlet installation for less than an electrician will and we'll include the drywall patchwork too.

Recently bought an electric car and suprised at what an electrician wants to charge for adding a charging station?  We can install dedicated EV charging circuits too for way less.  

Have outlets or switches not working?  We can replace those too.  Lights too bright or you just want to change the look of a room?  A dimmer switch is a cheap way to do this.  

Are you interested in installing a ceiling fan but not sure the existing box can support the weight?  We can add a ceiling fan box in any ceiling and install the ceiling fan too for way less than an electrician.

Chirping smoke detector that won't stop even when you change the battery?  UGGHH!  It's the worst.  DO NOT disconnect it though.  Especially the CO2 detector.  They are the most important safety device in your house.  Most people don't know that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors only have about a 10 year life span before the detector inside goes bad and triggers the chirp.  It's usually a different chirp from the low battery chirp.  We can replace these too.  Read more about smoke and carbon monoxide detectors here.

Professional Handyman can install any lighting of your choosing and do so for less than any electrician or other handyman service.  Guaranteed.

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